AI Virtual Assistant For your Short-Term Rental

I provide instant answers to your guests in over 130 languages via Whatsapp & SMS. I improve guest satisfaction, increase revenue and remove repetitive tasks that keep you up at night.

Perfect for direct bookings -  30-day Free trial!

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OAM AI - AI Concierge For Your Short-Term Rental | Product Hunt
AI Check-in


Let OAM guide your guests to your property and answer any questions that they have. The same questions you probably get all the time! SMS or Whatsapp options available.

AI Check-out

Seamless Check-out

Automated reminders to check-out on time. Once guests check-out, OAM asks for feedback and stores the info in your dashboard.

OAM Reference Library

Ask OAM Anything

Upload your property's manual and any other documents that you have so that our chatbot can grab information from it and answer questions for your guests. The more information that is in there, the more OAM will know.

Informed & Responsive

Instant Recommendations

OAM is able to offer recommendations suit to your guests specific needs. Bring delight and a sprinkle of magic to your guests experience with access to an AI Concierge at their fingertips!

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OAM stands for Operations, Administration and Management.

Let OAM operate, administer and manage your property autonomously and alleviate the biggest pains of managing a short-term rental.

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Being more responsive means better ratings across platforms.

OAM is always online and ready to serve your guests. With 24/7 support, your guests will feel like VIP and will in return rate you higher.

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Make more money and take self-catering to the next level.  

With OAM, you can take your self-catering bed and breakfast experience to the next level. Let OAM automate customer messages!

With all the features you need

Mission Control

Manage your property from a central dashboard and see the status in real-time.

Custom Knowledge

Upload your home manual & FAQ and include even the smallest of details. How about where the bottle opener is?

No App Downloads

Guests don't need to download any apps or login anywhere. The magic all happens through SMS or Whatsapp!


Your guests will experience the delight of getting all the answers to their questions instantly!

Multi-Lingual Support

OAM can speak any language. Make your guests feel at home and remove the friction with guests needing to translate to get access to information.

Property Password

Each one of your properties is assigned a unique 16 digit passcode and guests will only have access to the information about your unit once you give it to them.

What people say about OAM AI

After we bought our first property I realised it was a lot tougher than I expected. It's a full-time job! With OAM AI most of the work is done for me and I only need to respond or spend time on things that are absolutely necessary

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Carolyn Brokensha
Pringle Bay Cottages

OAM helps us save a lot of time on the mundane stuff that takes up most of our time. It't not that I don't want to be responsive, it's just that I can't be there all the time and that is what my guests deserve. OAM helps us be responsive about queries any time of day and has resulted in higher ratings too!

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Kevin Smith
Porto Hotels

OAM is amazing! It's the tool that I didn't think was possible. Its super easy to use and the process to get our properties up required no learning at all. We use it with every single booking and it's actually a super power. Now we are able to do more and manage more properties with the same amount of resources as before.

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Tim Shawren
Prism Property Management